Currently there is only a limited stock available, nationwide, of the Elfa storage system.
For any inquiries and stock availability please contact Charmaine Warren on 082 498 3442.

Elfa Colour Coding Explained

Elfa has designed a simple colour coding system that will assist in making the most of your usable storage space.

The range is made up of Runner Frames in four different width and each width has been colour coded on the packaging for your convenience. The baskets that fit these frames are labelled with the same colours.

Each width of frame is available in 3 different heights:
There is a choice of 3 different baskets for each width of frame:

Sizes shown are external dimensions

The elfa system is designed to adapt or expand. Units can be combined to create different heights and meet changing needs.

Each frame can be filled with baskets of your choice, here is an example of the many ways a Seven Runner Frame can be filled.